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Salvador Dali, 1968

The Doomsday Clock just ticked. It stands 100 seconds to midnight.

"The existential dangers of nuclear war and climate change have been compounded by a new threat multiplier, the corruption of the information ecosphere," per the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

"Unless action is taken to restore trust in and respect for facts, data, and analysis, much of the basis for the internal stability and prosperity of the United States could be at risk," reads the RAND report, Truth Decay.

Well, crikey.

We may be on the verge of Information Collapse: a drastic decline in the health of our information ecosystem, resulting in system failure.

We need to regrow our ecosystem, mid-flight, and fast.

On the case: people in science, policy, law, media, tech, economics, security. In government, companies, non-profits, and academia. Worldwide.

And you. You're in the game whether you want to be or not.